1. Francis Bacon Invitations for Landor Associates, Sydney

    Brainstorming session: Lunch time 20 minutes

    Bacon shopping: 4 minutes

    Type setting & spray painting: 25 minutes

    Invitation details: 8 minutes

    Photographing: 2 minutes with an iphone

    Total time: 59 minutes just under one hour, pat on the back


  2. Introducing The Watching Eye, Landor Sydney.

    The Watching Eye is constantly watching: Events | Exhibitions | Speakers | Workshops. We randomly select one (or two) of our creative minds at the studio to go on an adventure for free! We aim to ignite curiosity, generate debate, nourish points of view but above all, simply inspire. The catch? come back and share! 

    We’ll be consistently posting our home-made-quick-as-a-flash invitations and posters. Embrace yourselves for more to come!


  3. A G D A _ A W A R D S _ 2 0 1 2




  5. X m a s _ I s _ C o m i n g


  6. Xmas is coming..

    *none of these images belong to Landor Associates.