1. Talk: How I Got Started In Visual Communication




    The Apple store in Sydney is currently running a series of workshops and events featuring industry professionals who share their tips and tricks on working in the creative industry.

    Our Junior Designer, Violetta Chalmieva, was invited to be part of a panel of recent graduates sharing their real-world advice on establishing a career in graphic design. It was an inspiring evening with Violetta encouraging students to find what drives them to work in the discipline of design and use that as a compass to guide them through their career.

    Some lessons for us all:

    Build your confidence - Do your best. Build rapport with those you look up to. Their encouragement, and the good work you do WILL serve as a foundation for your confidence.

    Put yourself out there - For example, enter awards, enter competitions: winning WILL drive your forward and build your self-belief. You will remember the wins. You will not remember not winning, so don’t be afraid.

    Immerse yourself in the industry – Try in any way you can to expose yourself to a broad spectrum of work and build your network. Look to get practical and APPLY your learned skills – that’s when you learn the most.

    Know your why - On top of believing in yourself, it’s crucial to also believe in this industry and in this profession. Remembering your ‘why’ will also keep you driven and will ultimately lead you to the right place.

    Find the right cultural fit - Usually that’s people with the same why as you.

    Finally, be good. And keep being good.

    Be confident about your dreams – you’re only limited by your imagination. Let your why guide you and it will ultimately bring you to your dreams.



  2. Wake Up With Landor: The Face of Change

    Last week, we hosted the fifth installment in our series of Wake Up with Landor events. This time, the topic focused on identifying what’s blocking innovation in Australia and how the country can overcome that to drive cultures of innovation across all types of business.

    Joining us on the panel were: Partner and CMO at Deloitte, David Redhill, VP of Marketing at Beam Inc., James Sykes, Director of Innovation Factory (part of Y&R Group) and the former Head of Brand and Innovation at Telstra, Mark Collis, and Landor Australia Managing Director, Dominic Walsh.

    Visit Landor.com next week to watch our video recap.


  3. Time To Shine!

    Our Shine internship has kicked off and we are delighted to welcome Bennett Kowald and Elle Witt to the Landor team as our shiny new interns. After receiving over 80 applications and having the opportunity to meet some very talented students, we found Bennett and Elle who have already brought a great new energy and fantastic ideas to the studio. Watch this space for future updates from this dynamic duo!


  4. Following Australia’s disastrous performance at the London Olympics, ASC (Australian Sports Commission) Chair, John Wylie, unveiled a new high performance strategy, entitled Australia’s Winning Edge. Wiley outlined a plan for how the ASC would invest in order to return Australia to the upper echelons of world sport.

    Shortly after, the ASC approached Landor to develop a brand strategy and identity to position the AIS as Australia’s lead high performance sport agency providing consultancy services for more athletes.

    'Bold Intent' was the brand promise for this new era - a reflection of the agency's ambition and an embodiment of the athletes that it would service. Relentless, Daring, Exceptional and Ingenious became the driving attributes and a new visual consisting of five gold ribbons in the shape of Australia, was introduced to reflect their shared pursuit.


  5. On the 1st of February 2014, Jacob’s Creek officially unveiled its new identity and packaging, designed by our team in the Sydney office. The challenge was to create a new mark and packaging that reflected the brand’s rich heritage while communicating a progressive and dynamic vision. This vision includes innovative offerings such as the Cool Harvest™ and Twin Pickings™ ranges, also designed by the Sydney team. More information will be available soon in a full case study on Landor.com!


  6. Our new identity for the Australian Institute of Sport launched this morning.
    Working closely with leaders across the Australian Sports Commission and AIS, we developed their core brand values, refreshed positioning and new identity system that signals the brand’s bold intent. Gold has been selected as one of the core colours of the brand as it reflects the pursuit of gold for Australia.

    "This new brand takes us into a new age for Australian high performance sport. The new positioning will effectively support Australia’s Winning Edge and will I hope, inspire many young Australians athletes” – Simon Hollingsworth, CEO Australian Sports Commission.

    "Australia has a rich sporting heritage and the new AIS brand identity represents the sporting ambitions of future generations" – Dominic Walsh, MD, Landor Australia

    The new identity launches today at AIS facilities in Australia and Italy. Watch this blog to see the new brand unfold.